Translators Association of China, May 11, 2016

Translators Association of China (TAC, was founded in 1982. As the only national association for the T&I (translation and interpreting) community, it has individual members as well as association, institutional & corporate members.

TAC aims to protect the rights and interests of translators and interpreters as well as people engaged in the language service industry, uphold the quality of translation and interpreting, and facilitate understanding and cooperation among all stakeholders of the language industry.

Services Provided by TAC

Conferences and forums. TAC and its committees host a number of conferences and forums in different subject fields for members and the industry each year which serve as important platforms for information exchange, cooperation and strategic planning for the respective field.

Commendations and awards. TAC commends senior translators and interpreters through its committees and group members each year. It has also run the annual Han Suyin Award for Young Translators since 1986, and All-China Interpreting Contest since 2010.

Standards and specifications. TAC has organized the drafting of three national standards (published in both Chinese and English) and a series of specifications to guide industry practices since 2003.

Training and professional development. TAC launched the Training of Trainers for Teachers of BTI and MTI programs jointly with the National Committee for MTI Education in 2010, and the Language Service Competence Assessment and Training (LSCAT) program in 2014. TAC is also responsible for the continuing education of certificate holders of China Accreditation Test for Translators and Interpreters (CATTI).

International communication. TAC joined FIT in 1987, and organized the 18th FIT World Congress in Shanghai in 2008 with far reaching influence. TAC is a founding member of the APTIF and hosted the first (1995) and the fourth (2004) sessions of the Forum. It also maintains friendly relations with international, regional and national organizations such as CIUTI, AIIC, TAUS, GALA, ATA and more.

The Journal. The bimonthly Chinese Translators Journal, founded in 1980, is highly respected for its pursuit of academic excellence, and has been listed among "Academic Journals with Outstanding International Influence in China (2015)".

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