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The Asia-Pacific Translation and Interpreting Forum (APTIF, formerly known as "Asian Translators Forum") is a triennial international conference under the auspices of the International Federation of Translators(FIT). The forum, which gained its present name with the approval of the FIT Council in March 2015, has been organized by translators associations and institutions in the Asia-Pacific region. The first forum was convened in Beijing (China) in 1995 by the Translators Association of China (TAC), the succeeding forums were respectively held in Seoul (South Korea, 1998), Hong Kong (China, 2001), Beijing (China, 2004), Bogor (Indonesia, 2007), Macao (China, 2010), Penang (Malaysia, 2013). Over the years, the forum has grown into a significant event in the translation and interpreting community of the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

The First Asian Translators Forum

Friendship, Communication and Cooperation

31 July-3 August 1995 Beijing, China

Organizer: Translators Association of China(TAC)

Some 100 translation and interpreting professionals from 16 countries and regions attended the forum, including representatives from Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Japan, Jordan, South Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon, Macau, Myanmar, Pakistan, Singapore, Vietnam and China.

The opening ceremony was chaired by Mr. Yan Mingfu, Executive Vice President of TAC and Vice Minister of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China. Mr. Huang Hua, Honorary President of TAC and veteran Chinese diplomat, and Mr. Ye Shuifu, President of TAC, addressed the opening ceremony. Ms. Linda Sivesind, Vice-President of FIT and Mr. Gonie Bang, Council Member of FIT and Honorary President of the Korean Society of Translators made presentations at the forum.

It’s decided that the forum should be held once every three years by translators organizations in Asia on an alternate basis.

The Second Asian Translators Forum

Translation in the 21st Century

2-5 August 1998 Seoul, South Korea

Organizer: Korean Society of Translators

Around 100 translators and interpreters from Asia and Oceania attended the forum. The forum addressed three topics, namely, translation and culture, translation theories and techniques, machine translation and technical translation.

TAC was represented by a delegation of 10 people led by Executive Vice President Song Shusheng. Mr. Lin Wusun, TAC Executive Vice President and FIT council member was also in attendance.

Song Shusheng’s presentation about TAC and the latest developments of China’s translation profession was well received. Members of the TAC delegation and other organizations of Asia and Oceania exchanged views about establishing FIT Asia and Oceania Regional Centre and a Virtual Asian Translators Network, but no consensus was reached.

The Third Asian Translators Forum

Translation in the New Millennium: Inter-Continental Perspectives on Translation

6-8 December 2001 Hong Kong, China

Organizers: Hong Kong Translation Society, Centre of Asian Studies of Hong Kong University, Centre for Literature and Translation of Lingnan University

Some 200 translation/interpreting professionals and scholars from Asia, Oceania and Europe attended the forum. FIT President Adolfo Gentile addressed the opening ceremony.

There were six sessions: Profession of the Translator/ Interpreter, Computer and the Translator; Translation and Law, Teaching Translation, Translation Theory / Translation Studies, Translation and Publishing.

The forum represented a good opportunity for translation/interpreting professionals and scholars in the Asia-Pacific region to engage with their European counterparts, promoted experience sharing among practicing interpreters and translators, advanced regional coordination in translation studies and encouraged translation/interpreting researchers to present their latest research results. Three collections of papers were published following the forum.

The Fourth Asian Translators' Forum

Translation, Cognition and Interdisciplinary Studies

29-31 October 2004 Beijing, China

Organizers: Translators Association of China(TAC), Tsinghua University

About 250 participants from 20 countries and regions attended the forum, including representatives from Hong Kong(China), India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Japan, Jordan, South Korea, Kuwait and others. All members of FIT Executive Council (EC) that was convening EC meeting in Beijing were also in attendance. FIT President Betty Cohen and TAC Executive Vice President and former head of China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration Lin Wusun addressed the opening ceremony. Renowned professors from the University of Massachusetts, University of Copenhagen and University of Geneva delivered theme speeches and lectures.

35 panel sessions across 5 tracks were held. The topics were Translation and Cognition, Translation and Intercultural Communication, Teaching of Translation and Theory, Translation and Interpretation.

The Fifth Asian Translators Forum

Translation and Cultural Dialogue

11-12 April 2007 Bogor, Indonesia

Organizer: Association of Indonesian Translators (HPI)

158 participants from 12 countries attended the forum, including representatives from Australia, Brunei, China, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates(UAE) and the United States(US). FIT President Peter Krawutschke addressed the opening ceremony. Vice President and Secretary General of the Translators Association of China Huang Youyi delivered a keynote speech titled “Translators, Let’s Join Hands”.

There were 4 plenary sessions and parallel sessions and 40 presenters.

The sub-topics of the forum were:

a. Translation and Interpretation in Cultural Activities and Tourism

b. Translation and Interpretation in Diplomatic, Legal and Social Activities

c. Translation and the Transfer of Technology

d. Translation and Interpretation in International Business Activities

e. Translators and Interpreters Training

The Sixth Asian Translators Forum

Translation and Intercultural Communication:Past, Present and Future

6-8 November 2010 Macau, China

Organizers: University of Macau, Federation of Translators and Interpreters of Macau, Macau Foundation

318 participants from across the world attended the forum. FIT President Marion Boers addressed the opening ceremony. Former President of FIT Peter Krawutschke attended the forum and chaired one session.

There were 8 parallel sessions: Translation and intercultural Studies, Macau and the wider Asia’s history of translaton and intercultural exchanges, tourism translation and media translation, diplomatic interpreting/translation, international business and legal translation/interpreting, literarary translation, translation teaching and training, translation technology and publication.

The Seventh Asian Translators Forum

Translator and Interpreter Training: Innovation, Assessment and Recognization

27-29 August 2013 Penang, Malaysia

Organizers: Malaysian Translators Association (MTA), Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysian Institute of Translation and Books (ITBM) and Institute of Language and Literature (DBP)


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